John Muller's Does A Website Theme Matter For Search Engine Optimization?

In the episode of AskGooglebot, in Google Search Central channel John Muller's explanation to the question that was raised in Twitter ' Does changing the theme of a WordPress website affect the ranking? If it does, to what degree? What are the best practices while changing the theme/design? admitted by @imnidhin3.

Does A Website Theme Matter For Search Engine Optimization?

And John Mueller addresses the above question as follows,

John Muller's  Does A Website Theme Matter For Search Engine Optimization?

A website has the relevant information for the pages' identity which has a common domain name. The theme is the attraction given to the website for the viewers' impression. A theme gives color to the website that is designed to show what the page explains.

Mainly, other than design the website theme should contain,
1. Content Display: It contains catchy titles, headings for the contents and the product descriptions, relevant images, and videos, contact information, and navigation. The page should display all information you need to deliver to the viewers and all benefits you utilize on your website.
2. Internal Links: Linking inside the content to the other content of your website. It shows the website has all the information for viewers' can attain.
3. Page Load Time The page load time should be faster when the website clicks on it. It should not face any difficulty while loading the page.
4. Content Options Content options are the options that should be displayed on the websites according to the themes. Like category, archives, date, name, etc.
5. Structured Data Use Structured data is the data given on the page describing the content. Writing code language for the contents of the website for the individual pages. HTML code, XML sitemap, metadata are some of the factors for the structured data.

These are the essential factors that websites should follow to reach a ranking on the search engine. Also, it gives a clear explanation to the users when they search for their queries.
John Muller admits that changing a website theme definitely will affect SEO. A theme should be in such a way that the google engine understands or recognizes it easily. Selecting a theme for a website is very hard as the design should not look complicated. While selecting the themes, first try themes on the test websites. Trying and comparing these websites gives you a clear understanding of how your website looks with content and descriptions. It makes it easier to choose themes for your websites. While testing, block the index of the website
Also, have a checklist for SEO for the proper guidance to enhance your website for the ranking on the search engine result page. Your website should be loaded with the information that satisfies the user.

How do Google Search Console tools help your website?

Search Console testing tool is the tool that helps your website to reach organic traffic on google search. It tells how Google crawls, indexes its website. It helps website holders to observe and develop the search console testing. By installing, the website holder receives emails if the website undergoes any issues.

Final Thoughts

Changing the website theme affects search engine optimization notably. It affects the design, speed of the page, relevant content, and structured data. So, while selecting the theme, use the theme tester website to select the design for your website. It should be very easy and reliable and should not undergo disruption for the users. The theme should be very easy and informative and follow the guidelines of Google Search Engine.
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