How does user feedback impact search results?

In the latest episode of ASKGOOGLEBOT, john Mueller explains how Google receives and prioritizes user feedback on search results.

Does Google consider that feedback in the future?'

And John Mueller addresses the above question as follows,

How does user feedback impact search results?

On Twitter, one of the viewers named MusingPraveen raises the query 'What makes user feedback eligible enough for Google to decide to tweak its search ranking algorithm? Does Google consider that feedback in the future?'

And John Mueller addresses the above question as follows,
Every website that cares about the user should hear the feedback of the user and take steps to prioritize it. Users can help you to spot issues and also they make forward to guide new opportunities. He admits that for our resources improvement and establishment, we have to acknowledge the feedback of the user and need to take action to it.

How does Google address the feedback?

In Google Search, they will get a lot of feedback which has both positive and negative approaches. The query should be easily recognizable and scalable and the scope of the problem. The common query posted by the user should be helpful to the many users in multiple ways and should highlight the issue as clearly as possible. Google will prioritize the issues in various ways. They will give priority to the issues which are to be sorted immediately and they manually sort out the issue. Others, have to wait for Google's response to work on it. Because the users raise new questions every day, Google has the algorithms not to give attention to individuals queries. They treat in common and answer them.

In What all the ways we can admit the feedback
The direct way to give the feedback in search is by using the feedback link on the bottom page of the search results. This feedback goes directly to the team of Google in which it is reviewed, organized, and prioritized. There is also another way users can approach them is by Google Search Help Community. If there is something problematic, incorrect, misleading, offensive the issue can be forwarded on social media like Twitter on the Google Search Central page.

In the end, he admits that he needs to get more feedback to support them. And he said to the user to send questions on Twitter with the hashtag Ask Googlebot and your question might be answered. Feedback makes the relevant website achieve more development in the respective resources. Feedback guides us to new ideas and requirements. We Should always accept the flaws when the user admits the query if it is reasonable.

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