How Much Priority Does Social Media Optimization(SMO) Have In Digital Marketing Campaigns?

How Much Priority Does Social Media Optimization(SMO) Have In Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Before internet services were introduced, newspapers, magazines, television, posters acted as a mediator to advertise about the products or services. These are the paid advertisements that engage the customer towards the advertiser. But now, internet services are actively working then these traditional marketing to reach the audience. People are very much dependent on internet services for the awareness of the products or services. Especially, now the social media channels engage the customer effectively and efficiently to reach the audience.


More than 3 million people were active on social media networks regularly. 88% of users are utilizing social media channels on mobiles. Some of the common social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest. These are the social media channels people are actively using for entertainment, information gathering, answers for their queries, availing knowledge, updating, environmental activities and awareness, job search, and more.



Social media marketing is highly reliable when it is utilized in the right path. It increases,

  • Awareness of the brand
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Search engine ranking improvement
  • Cost-effective
  • increased top organic traffic


Some of the social media channels used widely are Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter.



One of the largest and most popular social platforms used worldwide is Facebook. It is a wide social network that is used to connect with people and engage them with their activities. In Fb, video graphics, blogs, pictures, images are shared on the network from the individual's page. Fb pages can be created by a person, or business people to connect with people all around the world. The pages contain some sort of information to be filled in. There are no compulsions to give personal details. If the page is created for business' engagement, giving personal details like contact information adds more preference to the page for future customer engagement. You can engage people by adding many people all over the world to your friend's list to view your page. It is like branding your page and making them engage with your page for future commitments. You can stay connected in the media by your consistent video content describing your product or services and advertisement of your brand via images.
You can also share the positive reviews of your website with your products or services. You also can share your social activities like community development and involvement to stabilize your brand among the people. Creating videos on how many challenges your company has faced so far enables a positive impression on your site. You can engage people with likes, shares, comments, views on your videos, images. In the comment section, you can give replies for valuable feedback, or issues, or queries regarding your products or services. By live videos on your page for a demonstration of the products or services the customer visits your site and turns into potential customers. Create relevant content and self-promotional ads for your audience. Have a scheduled time to post your relevant content(if you are posting on two days a week, follow those days every week with posts). These are the most valuable points to improve your brand towards achieving the target.



Instagram is the other leading and developing social media marketing field grooming now, developed by Facebook. 1 billion people every month, were actively using this platform to advertise their brands through infographics and videographics. To promote your brands, it is done by creating an individual page and posting it regularly for customer engagement and visibility to your website. You can describe yourself and your purpose on the home page where the link has been added. On the page, you can explore your photos and videos through posts and story highlights. Story highlights are the content that is viewed few seconds to the viewers. You can establish the review of your new posts there. It is to develop the consistency between you and your viewers. If any of the people following your page, your posts and highlights are viewed from their page itself. You should post regular images or videos to be in touch with your followers. Posts should be really interesting and informative to attract viewers. If you have an eCommerce site, you can display the images of your products and offers on your page and can be purchased via your page. As Facebook and Instagram are interconnected, you can display the Facebook ads here to increase the viability of your posts. Instagram socializing is depending upon your followers as how much you have put effort to reach them. You can have enormous applications to decorate your activities to entertain the viewers. Plenty of marketers achieved their targeted audience through this platform and enhances their brands wider throughout the world. You can post the demo of your products or services in short reels, which makes the audience create interest and encourages them to view your website. You can use the hashtag(@) here to tag the relevant person and make them also involve or socialize their pages too. Instagram not only creates an unknown person to follow you, but it also makes your friends and family be stay connected with you.



Another latest application that has been reached worldwide is Linkedin. Linkedin is a platform for the B2B marketing business that engages the platform for job seekers and for possessors who need an employee. By creating the Linkedin profile page, if you need to seek a job you can upload your resume on your page, describing your profiles on the description column explaining what type of career you are seeking in. Like the same, the owner also describes what type of employee and what job nature can be explained in their column of the page. The Linkedin platform engages business profile deals with information about products or services to develop their business and satisfy their needs. Images, videos, presentations are posted on pages and viewed by others. You can also promote business ads for customer engagement. There, you can regularly get updates on business news, technical content, business tips, and practices. Linkedin page engages your business with relevant people, enables business profiles, enables required company page profile, updating blogs, your achievements and experiences in your field, ads campaigns.



Twitter marketing is another worldwide marketing that has an average of about 326 million active users per month. You can enable media channels for news and entertainment for instant updates. Here, Users can publish short descriptive tweets which are interlinked to other blogs or tweets. By hashtag your tweets, everyone can find your tweets easily. Here also you should create a page and enable following the relevant pages for your needs. You can also post videos on your page to engage the viewers. There are limitations in contents to 280 characters only. But it is a popular platform on social media to get expose your brands. For the tweets, there may be discussions on the relevant information. It makes your tweet popularise and engage your followers to your page and your website for sales and profits. Users can also turn on the notification as whenever your news is updated the Twitter sends notifications to remind you.



Youtube, is the second-largest platform next to Google+ to reach the audience with their services. Google+ engages the audience with the website and in-text blogs information, whereas, Youtube engages the audience with the video representations via search column. Now, youtube videos have reached a higher audience widely in providing the required information for the users. On average, 1.9 billion active users were utilizing the youtube channel for their needs. In Youtube, brands are created as a channel name to establish their products and services. You can communicate with the users only via videos. It is widely used for information, news updates, gaming, entertainment, vlogs. By regularly updating your video content in your channel playlist enables your viewers to watch and support you. The channel has been created with a name, like, share, subscribers, viewers, and comment sections. By watching your videos, viewers can give feedback immediately in the comment section. There are paid ad campaigns posted on the youtube channel to establish brands, eCommerce sites' products, services.


hashtag advantages

A hashtag is another important aspect in social media sites to engage your customers efficiently and thus, increase traffic to your website. The hashtag is followed by a "#" symbol that is easier to find relevant information. Hashtags are used in social media sites like Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. It is mainly used to find posts on relevant content and to reach people who are most interested in your content. By using hashtags, public announcements, event information, and branding images Trending updates on blogs, events. By retweeting, favorites and can reply to your committee.



There are 7 different types of social media websites in SMO. They are

  • 1. dSocial networking sites
    By exploring their brands with consistent messages, images, videos with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest to reach the audience shortly and adequately. Paid advertisements are also branded on social networking sites to reach the brand worldwide for the customers' visibility towards their websites. You can stay connected with your friends, family, and followers. By going live on social media websites you can communicate with people.
  • 2. Social review sites
    Reviews are the best way to improve your brand efficiently. Social media channels can get both positive and negative reviews through comment sections. Some reviews are valuable comments from the users that take into action. You also can reply to the users to their queries in the same section. This enables you to increase the trust and credibility of your brands.
  • 3. Image sharing sites
    Images are attractive sources on social media channels to read your content and visit your page. Images also speak well to the viewers about what you are communicating to them.
  • 4. Video hosting sites
    Like content, videos reach the viewers sooner. Other than reading, conveying messages through videos reaches the viewer adequately and enables them to remember as well. Videos have the powerful ability to reach illiterate people also.
  • 5. Community blogs
    Community blogs are the platform to post your content, share, reuse, re-posting your old content.
  • 6. Discussion sites
    There are many platforms in social media to discuss the doubts in their respective field. If you have queries you can discuss them over there and get results from people all over the world. There are platforms like Reddit, Quora, Digital point forum to discuss the relevant queries you are facing in the relevant field for career development to improve your business.
  • 7.Sharing economy networks
    Sharing the information like offers on products, where you get the cheaper services or products, in this economy networks shows the people who are in need can utilize this network.

Concluding Thoughts

Social media sites are the highest influential way of exploring your brands worldwide and enable you to reach the viewers sooner. People utilize social media for eCommerce services, news updates, and entertainment purposes. Other than entertainment and branding product descriptions, there are platforms in some social media channels for business or career opportunities. Platforms are there for only priority for the discussions for education-related, job seekers, employee seekers. People get clarity on what they seek is what they get by these channels. Social media sites also engage in paid advertisements to influence their brands to reach their targeted audience and sales and profits.

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