Why does a site:query not show all my pages?

How does the site query arise?

In this renowned digital marketing campaign, if the possessor of the website needs to land their webpages on the top page of the search engine result page, first they have to submit their URL to google.

Why does a site:query not show all my pages?

What will happen if the page doesn't crawl or the pages are not shown?

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Googlebot crawls and indexes the web pages for non-plagiarism content. Google algorithm has its strategies and it's updating every time. So, we don't have any strategy that if we follow, we can achieve the top page. Google takes its own time to crawl and index the web pages. It may take more than a week also.

What will happen if the page doesn't crawl or the pages are not shown?

Again, I have taken the interesting query admitted by a YouTuber and that was replied to by GOOGLE SEARCH CENTRAL. CHANNEL. The query was admitted by YouTuber as ' All of my URLs are indexed and when I check in Google one by one, the total # of URLs is 180. But in Google SERP, only 28 URLs show. Why is that? ' We all have these questions in our mind whenever our pages aren't indexed.
Here, Google search central channel JOHN MUELLER explains this query to resolve our issues too.
He admitted that the site may not be completed or it doesn't find the pages to crawl and index. It is a special kind of search that limits the results to certain websites.

How to admit the search in Google?

It is done by site followed by your URL or your website name in the specified column. Example: site:webanalyst. inHe also refers to utilizing the google search console. To get the number of pages currently indexed on your site and how many times your site searched on the search results and how Google sees your site.

What is Google Search Console?

Google search console tools report your site's analysis and its production, resolve errors to reach the traffic in search in google search results. Google search console helps you to know about your site by monitoring and maintaining the reports and also understands how google reacts to your site. The following strategies are the tools and reports of the google search console tool.

  • It intimates that google searches your website.
  • It resolves the indexing problems and requests Google to re-index your site for the new or updated one.
  • Able to view search results of your site, after indexing or re-indexing, spam of your site, how much time searchers viewed your site, and how many times your site appears on the result page.
  • There is no need to login to the google search console site. Submitting the URLs is enough to view and update the site.


Google has enormous tools to optimize the web pages to grow in your business to reach organic traffic. Google search console is a free tool offered by Google to analyze your performances and to know where to recognize your errors to resolve them. The search console also resolves the errors which are solvable by the tool. It gives the graphical representation of the report analysis to make understanding better and improve in our business.

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